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Shadazzle Classes...


Please contact us if your wish to reserve your child a FREE trial place.

(Places are now very limited and have a waiting list in some classes)

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Class Combinations We Recommend...

For Fun-Sing, Dance & Act Mondays.

For Dance Lovers-Thursday Dance Classes / Acro Dance Wednesdays / Pom Dance Fridays.

For Cheerleaders/Gymnasts-Cheer Tuesdays / CheerFridays.

For students who would like to work towards a career in performing or competitions-Sing, Dance & Act, Dance Class, & Acro.

For students who would like to work towards a career in dance or comps-Dance Class & Acro.

Sing, Dance & Act Class!

Our fun, energetic and exciting classes consist of vocal training, acting exercises, improvisations, learning scripts and casting practice. We study styles of basic dancing including ballet, modern and jazz to name a few! As well as learning fun dance routines and songs from world famous Musicals and Film. Throughout the year we work towards performing in our yearly Shadazzle Showcase in The Civic Hall, local events and auditions.


Dance Squad Classes!

Our Shadazzle Dance Classes are a more advanced dance class. Our students train in areas of dance including Commercial, Modern, Jazz, Street, Lyrical, Contemporary and much more. As well as more in depth dance techniques and body conditioning. We work towards our annual Shadazzle Showcase, competitions, events, auditions, music videos, TV/Stage casting and dance conventions. 


Acrobatic & Gymnastic Dance!

Acro Dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Acro takes lyrical gymnastics tricks, balancing, tumbling and jazz, and works them into dance choreography. Acro builds flexibility, strength, artistry and performance quality. Children will learn tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, chest stands, elbow stands, walkovers, side and front aerial stands and walkovers. We have all the latest training equipment, as well as our very own Aerial Hoop! We love to include circus skills into our unique syllabus too! Every year we work towards our annual Shadazzle Showcase.

Cheerleading / Cheer Pom!

Our Cheer Squads are our newest addition to our Shadazzle Timetable. Cheer is the latest trend from America, and uses various styles of dance and use elements of gymnastics and tumbling. As we aim to take our Cheer squads to competition, we ask for commitment, work and commitment to our cheer classes. They will also be apart of our annual showcase at The Civic Hall. 

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