"I’ve been looking for the right dance family for my daughter for a few years now and since joining Shadazzle we have come to realise that this is the dance family we have been looking for. You won’t be disappointed it’s an outstanding dance school both Laura and Sarah make every child feel special and the encouragement they give every child is more than I’ve ever seen xx"

"The day I started Shadazzle is the same day that I made some of the best friends in the world and also the day I met the best dance teachers ever. Shadazzle has been such an amazing experience and I have become much more confident, I have finally found something I absolutely love and I never want to stop doing. Laura is an amazing person and she has always made me feel so included and happy, she also lets me help out with everything at Shadazzle and let's me really express myself through singing acting and dance. Sarah is the best dance choreographer I know, she will always take the time to teach me the dance if I don't understand and she will always be so nice and welcoming. I love being part of Shadazzle and I never want to leave. I usually move quite a lot and I don't find it that hard to move away from people or clubs but Shadazzle is so special to me that I never want to move, thank you so much Laura and Sarah for everything!"

"Shadazzle is such a great place for me and all my friends to dance at, it has such a sense of community and love! Laura and Sarah are the best dance teachers! I am so blessed to be part of the  

Shadazzle School of Performing Arts"

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