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"I’ve been looking for the right dance family for my daughter for a few years now and since joining Shadazzle we have come to realise that this is the dance family we have been looking for. You won’t be disappointed it’s an outstanding dance school, Laura makes every child feel special and the encouragement she gives every child is more than I’ve ever seen xx"

"Shadazzle is a professional performing arts school with amazing teachers and students. The children are taught to dance, cheer, act, acro, singing etc but most of all they are taught to enjoy themselves. It's different from the other generic dance schools in the area, as they teach the girls about body positivity, fun, kindness and the best thing that I have witnessed is that they treat all children the same regardless of ability. My daughter is quite shy with other children and the cheer leading has taught her so many new skills, more flexibility and has given her confidence. I cannot recommend enough. Laura and the team are amazing and what a great place for kids and teenagers."

"Shadazzle is such a great place for me and all my friends to dance at, it has such a sense of community and love! Laura is the best dance teachers! I am so blessed to be part of the  

Shadazzle School of Performing Arts"

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