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Shadazzle Associates Programme

Our Shadazzle Associate Programme offers Dance training once a month to all local young dancers/performers aged 7-18 before they are old enough to apply for full-time training and the professional industry or for children who have exceptional drive, enthusiasm, love of dance and aspire to be the best performer they can be. This programme isn't easy, and please only apply if your child is prepared to work hard to train to be the best they can be. 

Associate Programmes are open to all Dancers from all Dance/Stage Schools in the North-West as an addition to their current training provided at their local dance/stage schools and is designed to enhanced their learning. Classes will be split into two different age groups and take place on the second Friday of each month, beginning on Friday June 4th.

We aim to nurture, develop and inspire the North-West's most talented young performers, and encourage them to be courageous in their dancing and performing in order to reach new levels in their technique and interpretative skills. Shadazzle wishes to share our knowledge with the students and develop their skills and techniques within all areas of Dance. This is purely a training programme and not the same as our normal Shadazzle classes.

As well as Shamazing training in Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Street, Acro, Contemporary and Commercial), our programme is designed to build student’s confidence and enable them to step outside their comfort zones. Some classes will also include famous special guest Dance Teacher Workshops and Exciting Projects. The programme offers skills and advice to students wishing to continue on to vocational training in colleges and universities, should they require it. Audition techniques will also be taught, as well as TV, Film & Stage agent and casting advice.

JUNIOR (Age 7-10) Associates:
Dates: First Saturday of each month 
Time: 10:30-12:30pm (2hrs)
Fee: £12 Per Month

SENIOR (Age 11-18) Associates:
Dates: First Saturday of each month 
Time: 12:30-15:00pm (2.5hrs)
Fee: £15 Per Month

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Shadazzle Associates Expectations...

Shadazzers are expected to commit to their Associates classes. Regular attendance and punctuality are expected. Persistent absenteeism will result in the Associate place being withdrawn.  

In the event of illness or to request permission for absence parents are asked to contact Laura on either the Shadazzle Mobile number: 07507703625 or prior to the class.

Before applying, please take note of the dates to be sure that they do not clash with other activities.


Classes must be paid prior to each class via bank transfer, cash or card. All missed classes are chargeable no matter the reason, as you are committing to a associate place.

Associates will be required to wear leotards with black footless tights and black Jazz shoes for all classes. Hair must be worn in a low tight pony tail. No Jewellery.

All other items of uniform can be obtained from our Shadazzle Studio or Shadazzle Dancewear website. 

See You Soon...

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